Doctor not giving test results

2020-02-22 03:51

A recent study reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that doctors often fail to tell patients about bad medical test results. In a review of the medical records of 5, 434 patients at primary care and academic medical facilities, researchers found that doctors failed to tell patients about abnormal test results more than 7 of the time.Labs are under no obligation to provide you with your results; that's the doctor's responsibility. Whenever labs are received in a doctor's office, it's customary for them to be withheld until after the doctor reviews and signs off on them. This is not an indication that there's something wrong. doctor not giving test results

Jan 22, 2009 Can the doctor just tell me. They said no, that I have to come in. This doesn't mean show more A few days ago my Dr's office ran a blood test on me for diabetes. They called me this afternoon wanting me to come in to discuss the results of my test. I said I couldn't take any more time off work for a while. Can the doctor just tell me.

Jul 23, 2012  Doctors do not always ease patients anxiety, delivering bad news matteroffactly, failing to call swiftly, even losing results altogether. As medical records move online and state regulations loosen, many patients can bypass the doctors call and get the results of these tests faster, directly from labs via Web sites and apps. Can I sue my doctor for not giving me my test results in a timely manner? About a month ago I went to my doctor for a routine checkup and she told me that i would get my test results indoctor not giving test results The doctor may want to discuss results further that may take longer over the phone. The doctor wants to reexamine you for a follow up and discuss your results. The doctor may need to order further tests because the initial results all came back inconclusive. The doctor wants to tell you they're retiring.

The results of the test may be simple and a positive or negative resultor be open to interpretation. Even if the news is good, it may be important for the doctor to explain what the results mean and don't mean. doctor not giving test results Apr 15, 2010 Can a doctor withhold your test results until you come in or do they have to give you the results if you request them (photocopy)? My son had an EEG and blood work done. And while transparency is a good thing, simply giving results to patients without any context can be fraught with risk. I have seen cases where patients have gotten their test results directly and lead to unnecessary tests. A doctor might fail to disclose test results for several reasons. For one, they may simply forget to tell the patient about the test results. More often, test results can be lost or confused along the chain of communication in a hospital. Test results are often relayed between several different people, such as from a nurse to the general physician or from a general surgeon to a specialized surgeon. Patients may obtain their test results directly from the laboratory that produced them, without having to go through their doctors, under regulations announced Monday by the Obama administration.

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