Fy12 colonel selection board results

2020-04-01 04:42

FY16, Colonel, Army Competitive Categories, Selection Board Results Release Date: 2 August 2016 OPERATIONS SEQ# NAME BR 0127 ADAMS GEOFFREY RAN AD 0108 ALTENBURG PATRICK IN 0035 ARNOLD ROBERT RAYM MP 0072 ATKINS DENNIS RUPE AR 0126 BAKER MICHAEL DANI EN 0031 BARNETT MAURICE OR ADAir Force releases CY18B lieutenant colonel, major central selection board results. The Air Force has selected 1, 308 activeduty officers for promotion to lieutenant colonel and major during the calendar year 18B Line of the Air Force and Medical Service Corps central selection boards. fy12 colonel selection board results

The FY12 Colonel, Army Competitive Category Selection Board results have been posted to the HRC website. The list can be viewed at:

FY18, Lieutenant Colonel, Army Competitive Categories, Selection Board Results; 0437 BONNEMA BRYAN J AR 0047 BOWES JOSHUA SETH SF 0090 BOWMAN VANESSA R EN 0379 BRADLEY JOHN B FA 0295 BRADY ADAM RAY AR 0189 BRANT JAMES E AV 0387 BREWSTER JEFFREY O AR 0137 BRICKEN DEXTER E SF subjfy12 colonel command screening board results relatively small number of command billets available and the large number of eligible officers combine to make command selection anfy12 colonel selection board results fy12 colonel, maneuvers, fires& effects (mfe), operational support (os) and force sustainment (fs) zones of consideration department of the army centralized selection boards, 29 sep 11 1. this milper message will expire nlt 1 apr 14 2. policy.

The Army on Tuesday released the names of the officers selected for promotion to colonel. The lieutenant colonels were selected by the FY17 Army Competitive Category Colonel promotion selection board. fy12 colonel selection board results FY16 Lieutenant Colonel Army Competitive Categories Selection Board Results Release Date: 14 APRIL 2016 Operations SEQ# NAME BR 0369 AARON RICHARD R FA 0170 ALBRIGHT JASON EDW AD 0097 ALDER DANIEL CRAIG SF 0161 ALEXANDER MICHAEL SF 0419 ALMAGUER CHRISTOPH AR 0113 AMBROSE LEE E AV 0180 ANDERSEN TYLER K IN subjfy12 lieutenant colonel command screening board results REFAMSGID: MSGCMC WASHINGTON DC MRA MM MMOA Z JUN 11 AMPNREF A IS MARADMIN, FISCAL YEAR 2012 (FY12) COMMAND The security accreditation level of this site is UNCLASSIFIED and below. Do not process, store, or transmit any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), UNCLASSIFIEDFOUO or CLASSIFIED information on nonselected for promotion to colonel as of the FY12 Colonel, Army, Promotion Selection Board (results released November 2012) are eligible for the SERB.

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