Vwf ag test results

2020-02-18 18:16

VWF: CB assay results are reported as the ratio of collagenbound VWF to VWF antigen. A ratio 0. 5 is consistent with types 2A and 2B VWD, whereas a normal ratio (0. 5) is associated with types 2M and 2N VWD. The factor VIII: VWF binding activity ratio is typically 0. 73 in individuals with type 2N.Von Willebrand factor (vWF or VWF) is a protein that is one of several components of the coagulation system that work together, and in sequence, to stop bleeding within the body. VWF testing measures the amount of the protein present in blood and determines how well the protein functions. Normally, vwf ag test results

von Willebrand factor (VWF) antigen assay results generally must be used together with assays of VWF ristocetin cofactor activity and factor VIII coagulant activity, for optimum clinical utility and diagnostic efficiency. The diagnosis of von Willebrand disease (VWD) requires a combination of clinical and laboratory information.

Canine von Willebrand Disease Laboratory Diagnosis. Laboratory diagnosis of vWD is most often based on results of von Willebrand factor antigen assay (abbreviated vWF: Ag). This test measures the amount or concentration of vWF in a blood sample. The Comparative Coagulation Section reports each dog's result as vWF: Ag compared to a 100 standard. Introduction. Immunological assays of von Willebrand factors [VWF: Ag are immunoassays that measure the concentration of the VWF protein in plasma. They give no indication as to VWF function. A number of methods exist for measuring VWF: Ag and these include both enzymelinked immunosorbent assayvwf ag test results

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