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2020-02-29 12:27

protected internal View (string viewName); member this. View: string Protected Friend Function View (viewName As String) As ViewResult Parameters. viewName String String String. The name of the view that is rendered to the response.Types of ASP. NET MVC 3 Action Results. 11. return new ViewResult ViewName viewName, MasterName masterName, ViewData ViewData, the method is empty. I really dont think I need that code snippet for this one. FileResult, FileStreamResult, FilePathResult, and FileContentResult. viewresult viewname empty

Type: The view result that renders a view to the response. Remarks. This method overload of the View class returns a ViewResult object that has an empty ViewName property. If you are writing unit tests for controller actions, take into account the empty ViewName property for unit tests that do not take a string view name.

This article describes returning a viewname from a controller. This article describes returning a viewname from a controller. C# Corner. In Focus. What Skills Do I Need to Become a Data Scientist? Empty to add an empty controller. Click on the Add button. Step 3 Name the controller as in the following: Step 4 type ViewResult class inherit ActionResult interface interface IActionResult Public Class ViewResult Inherits ActionResult Implements IActionResult, ViewName ViewName ViewName: Gets or sets the name or path of the view that is rendered to the response. Methodsviewresult viewname empty I have written an extension method on ActionResult for use in unit testing which will assert whether the ViewName returned is what was expected. This is the code I have so far: public static void

How can you test that an action method you have like so will return the correct view because Viewname is an empty string? Should I even bother testing this? Unit Test to determine that Action is returning correct View. Get View Name where ViewResult. ViewName is empty string for Unit Testing. 11. viewresult viewname empty var result new ViewResult ViewName Error ; var modelMetadata new result. ViewData new context. ModelState); result We need to write response object when we shortcircuit action result to avoid generating empty response. The OnResultExecuted method runs the response Unit tests and ViewResult. ViewName property I don't know if anyone has posted about this before now (I couldn't find anything with a search) but just in case, I found that if you are trying to unit test a controller action and trying to determine if the ViewResult has gone to the correct View page by checking the ViewName property, the ViewName Sep 06, 2008 Unit tests and ViewResult. ViewName property [Answered RSS. 11 replies Last post Sep 06, 2008 04: 03 AM by Paul As of Preview 5 return View() will result in ViewName String. Empty rather than null. Got a c# problem? Try. NET Book Zero from Charles Petzold, it's a free pdf. type ViewResult class inherit ViewResultBase Public Class ViewResult Inherits ViewResultBase Inheritance. Object Object Object. ActionResult ActionResult ActionResult. ViewName ViewName ViewName: Gets or sets the name of the view to render. (Inherited from ViewResultBase)

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