Android onactivityresult result code is 0

2020-02-23 16:23

Google Sign in but result code is 0. Ask Question 1. 1. I want to create a Google sign for my app but my result code from onActivityResult() is 0. In my onCreate() Also you can check the following implementation of Try SignIn for Android, for code implementation:OnActivityResult always receives resultCode Result. Canceled. I am testing on an actual ZTE device with Android 5. 0. Thanks again for your time. [Activity(Label TestLocation , then the flow ends in OnActivityResult again and the code receives Result. Ok on a user's Ok hit. android onactivityresult result code is 0

The request code you passed to A result code specified by the second activity. This is either RESULTOK if the operation was successful or RESULTCANCELED if the user backed out or the operation failed for some reason. An Intent that carries the result data.

The result code of the onActivityResult has a result code that indicates whether the purchase was successful or canceled. The response Intent contains information about the purchased item, including a purchaseToken String that is generated by Google Play to uniquely identify this purchase transaction. In my android application, I am providing image sharing functionality. Now, i want that After completing image sharing functionality from my current activity, user should be redirected to HomeActivity. For that i have user onActivityResult() method in my code. But the problem is that, it always returns 0, hence it doesn't start onactivityresult result code is 0 Android onActivityResult is always 0. not the RESULTOK one. And any return from Activity B (when calling finish()) that doesn't have a result code set is automatically set to RESULTCANCELED jaseelder Jan 21 '13 at 0: 10. add a comment How do save an Android Activity state using save instance state? 3370. Closehide the Android Soft

I am trying to develop using camera in my android application. The problem is that the camera always returns a result code of 0, irrespective of if I press done or cancel. android onactivityresult result code is 0 I trigger Android Crop activity by calling this in my fragment. this); When I receive the callback in onActivityResult, the resultCode is always 0 (RESULTCANCEL Instaed of Set the RESULTOK set the value of the request code which must not be 1, 0 and 1 as it is already used by Android. E. g: Intent()); and Intent intent getIntent(); setResult(5, intent); Remember value must not be 1, 0 or 1 as request code onActivityResult resultCode is always 0. Ask Question 2. 1. However, you can delegate the result code of Third Activity to Second Activity, then to third. Change your Second Activity to something like this: Image cropping is not working in android 7. 0 and higher version. 0. onactivityresult in fragment android tutorial development and learn android programming android for beginners android app tutorial studio Learn& Share. ( Result Code resultCode); The code we described in this article is already included in our StatedFragment in version and above. You could now use it easily like this:

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