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Tag: Gwinnett Commissioner Mike Beaudreau. 7 Aug. Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for August 7, 2012. Danese posted a note on his website on election night, saying the endorsement was the work of a web designer, Dave Carlson, who has worked for Boyer and owns the old website domain. Danese said he played no role in the site change.2009 Race Results MALE OVERALL: Spencer Walsh from Shoreline, WA at 32 minutes and 57 seconds FEMALE OVERALL: Jamie Breese from Portland, OR at 39 minutes and 44 seconds mike beaudreau election results

GAMPAC 2014 Primary Results May 20, 2014 General Primary Results GAMPACsupported candidates had success and most will now move on to the general election contests in November. GAMPAC supported 24 candidates in the primary cycle. Don Balfour, was in a contested race with Mike Beaudreau and P. K. Martin. He failed to make it into

But Hunter, who was in his third race for the county commission, mounted a big fight, possibly getting an Election Day boost due to the lastminute endorsement of popular Sheriff Butch Conway. Beaudreau received an Election Day push from Julianne Thompson, the cofounder of the Atlanta Tea Party, and incumbents including state Rep. Buzz Brockway, RLawrenceville.mike beaudreau election results May 21, 2014  Yes, said Balfour, who went to bed early Tuesday, as voting results showed challengers Mike Beaudreau and P. K. Martin battling for the top position,

Election Summary Report Gwinnett County State of Georgia Primary and NonPartisan General Runoff Election August 21, 2012 Summary For Jurisdiction Wide, All Counters, All Races MIKE BEAUDREAU (I) 3969 186 366 2 4523 49. 69 TOMMY HUNTER 4153 158 267 2 4580 50. 31 Superior Court Jackson mike beaudreau election results Election Summary Report General Election November 2, 2004 All Races Official and Complete Results Date: Time: 18: 50: 17 Page: 1 of 8 Registered Voters Cards Cast 82. 08 Num. Report Precinct 148 Num. Reporting 148 100. 00 MIKE BEAUDREAU REP 71. 52 ROBIN ROBERTS DEM 28. 44. Election Summary Report In Gwinnett County Commission District Three, incumbent Mike Beaudreau took 47. 34 and lands in a runoff, most likely with Tommy Hunter. Kathy Schrader took more than 43 in the election for an open seat on the Gwinnett County Superior Court, more than double the vote total of secondplace finisher Tracey Mason Blasi. A special thank you needs to go out to all of the supporters that believed in our cause enough to place a Beaudreau sign in their yard. This includes many folks that have never had a Michael A. Mike Beaudreau was a 2014 Republican candidate for District 9 of the Georgia State Senate. Biography. Beaudreau's professional experience includes serving as a county commissioner in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Official primary election results, accessed May 28, 2014

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