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TheBody. com fills you in on the topic, what causes an inconclusive hiv test, with a wealth of fact sheets, expert advice, community perspective, the latest newsresearch, and much more.If her cells act healthily but don't react more excitedly when put into a simulated TB environment, that's a negative test. If her cells get very excited and active in a simulated TB environment, that's a positive test. Results that are in between are inconclusive. May retest later. for topic: When Tests Came Back Inconclusive On Tb Tests inconclusive results hiv test

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Q: What do inconclusive test results mean on a home HIV test? An inconclusive result might mean insufficient or indeterminate. Insufficient simply means that there was a problem with the sample you provided that prevented it from being tested at all. The results of the test were inconclusive. The first two rounds of the boxing match were inconclusive. Recent Examples on the Web. Tests of her blood afterward showed methamphetamine was in her system but have been inconclusive about other additives, her mother said.inconclusive results hiv test HIV Result inconclusive. Apr 16, 2010. Hi Doctor, hope you can help me, I am going crazy, On March 17th I took an HIV test which came inconclusive, my Doctor contacted me last week as I am

That said, your case manager sounds very knowledgeable of the test conducted and its shortcomings. The Western Blot is considered the golden standard in HIV testing. If Western Blot test results are indeterminate, it is advised that a confirmatory PCR NAAT test is conducted to confirm the infection. inconclusive results hiv test For people with low HIV risk, inconclusive HIV results are often false positive results. Factors such as pregnancy, blood transfusions, viral infections, or autoimmune disease may be a factor in inconclusive HIV results. All inconclusive HIV test results need repeating. Causes of Inconclusive HIV Tests An inconclusive result might mean that there was a problem with a blood sample that prevented it from being tested. Alternately, it could also mean that even though the test was completed using the sample, it yielded neither a positive or negative result. During pregnancy, it is common to have false positive results, or inconclusive results. Pregnant women produce antibodies that can sometimes be detected on an HIV test, causing the results to

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