Nsresult error codes

2020-04-01 05:03

Component returned failure code: 0x nsresult: 0x location: 5 replies 201 have this problem 4659 views Last reply by 6407 7 years ago; Marica. Posted 9710, 9: 13 PM. When I double click on the Firefox icon, a box pops up heading JavascriptAdded a code producing the error, I have found from where came the problem in my code (testing null instead of ), if you still say this is a bug, I would enjoy your help for signaling it correctly (I'm afraid the HTML reference is a little bit too obscure for me). nsresult error codes

sorry about the two different inst methods. with a clean install and clean profile I can reproduce every time. ' the chrome. rdf in both the profile and program dir

The nsresult data type is a stronglytyped enum used to represent a value returned by an XPCOM function; these are typically error or status codes. For a list of Return valuecode. Description. 0x. STGSCONVERTED. The underlying file was converted to compound file format. 0x. STGSBLOCK. The storage operation should blocknsresult error codes I faced with following error in Firefox 23(this code works fine in IE and Chrome) during send of XMLHttpRequest: [Exception Failure nsresult: 0x (NS

Apr 22, 2018 The 32bits in an HRESULT error code have meanings, allowing the reader to gain additional insights into the error. Of note: The 32nd bit (the top bit) indicates if an nsresult error codes At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Tools menu and select Addons. The Addons window will appear. In the Addons window, select the Extensions panel.

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