Robert sungenis debate

2020-04-02 20:41

Dr. Robert Sungenis Robert is an international author, lecturer, debater, producer, and founder of Catholic Apologetics International Publishing, Inc. , a nonprofit corporation dedicated to teaching and defending the Catholic faith.A Catholic Traditionalist Struggles with Geocentrism R. Sungenis: Probably the most famous proponent of geocentrism is Robert Sungenis, who advertises Galileo Affair as an ideological tool in debate. R. Sungenis: And why shouldnt he? If the Church robert sungenis debate

If Robert Sungenis understood these things, then he would have totally prevailed in the debate. Like Robert, I believe that the evil ones are hiding something, and that there is a grand conspiracy, to hide that the globe earth is geocentric; which proves a creator.

Twelve years ago, Dr. Horton, along with his colleagues Robert Godfrey and Ken Rosenblatt, had a debate against Robert Sungenis, Patrick Madrid (now editor of Envoy magazine) and William Marshner (professor at Christendom College). Since that time, there has been no movement from either side in modifying their position on Justification. May 26, 2010 My email Debate with Robert Sungenis on Geocentrism and Young Earth Theory. Apologetics. Mannyfit75 17: 15: 19 UTC# 1. I need help in debating with Robert Sungenis on Geocentrism and Young Earth. I am well aware that Robert and John Salza support Geocentrism. I support neither Geocentrism and Young Earth.robert sungenis debate Interview of Robert Sungenis by Protestant Dr. Mic A review of: Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narra Review of Jesus of Nazareth, Part Two, by Joseph R

Jul 12, 2018 A Flat Earth Debate between Allegedly Dave and Dr Robert Sungenis who believes that the Earth is a motionless ball in the exact centre of an infinite and expanding universe (I think I was too robert sungenis debate Regarding Robert Sungenis Debate Challenge While traveling in New York I have been informed that CAI and Robert Sungenis simply must have the last word, which always includes some kind of allegation that it is everyone else who just doesnt get it rather than Robert Alone Sungenis. Robert Sungenis, creator, executive producer and actor in The Principle movie, and now author of the new book, Flat EarthFlat Wrong, will be having a public and formal debate against Rob Skiba, one of the most popular flatearthers in the country. In the debate Mr. Sungenis refused to call the Protestant (Robert Zins) a heretic even though Mr. Zins was begging him to call him a heretic and also proved to Mr. Sungenis from the Council of Trent that, according to Trents teaching, he [Zins is a heretic! Some time after his conversion, in a debate with the viciously antiCatholic Protestant heretic Robert Zins and his partner, Bob Sungenis was asked by Robert Zins and his partner whether they (the antiCatholic Protestants) were heretics.

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