Caroline reed robertson interview

2020-04-01 03:09

Caroline Reed Robertson, just 19 years old, looked calmly at the police officer who had just asked where the neighbour she had idolised for years was, and answered matter of factly that she was dead.Jan 26, 2017  Be careful who lives on your street. JOIN MY PATREON Bonus content, polls to determine my next videos, monthly LIVE hangouts! caroline reed robertson interview

Convicted teen murderer Caroline Reed Robertson should get on with her life free from vigilantes and heckling, her victim's mother says. Robertson walked from prison on Tuesday after being jailed

Identity Killer Caroline Reed Robertson. Posted on May 7, 2014 by Robbo. Images from Robertsons police interview. Note the bandage on her hand. More notes show Robertsons descent into delusion and hate. One of Robertsons notes to her father. A sketch and notes show Carries terrible selfloathing. A deadly fantasy BY SUE CANT The Age (Melbourne) It was simply not a happy family, Elizabeth Barber recalled in an interview with The Age. She wanted to destroy her own family. None of which describes Caroline Reed Robertson. At 20, Robertson was an administrative assistant with a telecommunications company, had no drug or moneycaroline reed robertson interview Jan 19, 2015 Caroline Reed Robertson has walked free from jail 16 years after strangling a 15yearold girl to death in Melbourne to steal her identity. The disgusting crime was depicted in an Australian film.

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