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2020-02-29 07:16

Feb 08, 2014 This week, everyone is taking about the Bill Nye the Science Guy vs, Ken Ham of the Creation Museum debate. Pat Robertson has stepped into the Evolution vs. Creationism debate. .Feb 05, 2014 Pat Robertson begs Ken Ham to shut up Bill Nye Bill Nye Ken Ham Debate Bill Nye The Science Guy Bishop James Ussher Evolution Ken Ham Pat Robertson Right Wing Watch Rightwingwatch. org The 700 pat robertson ken ham youtube

Controversial televangelist Pat Robertson chimed in on Tuesday's debate between creationist Ken Ham and evolutionist Bill Nye The Science Guy by asking the Answers in Genesis founding president and CEO to stop making a mockery of Christians.

Feb 06, 2014  Pat Robertson sides with science on Creationism Ken Ham Challenges Pat Robertson To A Debate On Young Earth Creationism By Brian Tashman May 15, 2014 2: 00 pm Creation Museum founder Ken Ham is once again furious that Pat Robertson has mocked proponents of Young Earth Creationism, and now wants to appear on the 700 Club to debate the televangelist.pat robertson ken ham youtube Feb 06, 2014  Today on the 700 Club, Robertson responded to the debate between Bill Nye and Young Earth Creationist leader Ken Ham who criticized Robertson's remarks on creationism as a destructive

This, however, makes Ken Ham very very sad for the state of Pat Robertson's soul, and even sadder for the state of modern Christianity, as he ranted on Facebook: Well the secularists love Pat Robertson today! A number of them are posting a section from CBNs 700 Club program today (Tuesday) on YouTube and on various websites. pat robertson ken ham youtube See more of Ken Ham on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Ken Ham on Facebook. Log In. on YouTube and on various websites. They love it that Pat Robertson has once again used his 700 Club program to engage in namecalling as he attacks those of us who take Genesis as literal history (as it is meant to be takenas See more of Ken Ham on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Ken Ham on Facebook. Log In. This is really sad. I wonder why Pat Robertson spoke about evolution and the age of the earth on the 700 club yesterday? I wonder if the debate on Tuesday had anything to do with this! www. youtube. com Feb 06, 2014 Pat Robertson responded to the recent debate between Young Earth creationist Ken Ham and Bill Nye, a. k. a. The Science Guy, by reiterating his disagreement with Ham's form of creationism. Why So Much Traction Regarding Pat Robertsons Views on Genesis? by Ken Ham on December 8 we have to work hard not to let them be led astray by compromising church leaders like Pat Robertson. This excerpt was posted on YouTube by a group that is a project of People For the American Way. Ken Hams Daily Email. Email me with Kens

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