Outcomes results based accountability

2020-04-05 01:15

Home of ResultsBased Accountability (RBA) and OutcomesBased Accountability (OBA) Resources, Tools, and Workshops. Results Accountability Navigation. This video workshop by Mark Friedman introduces the ResultsBased Accountability framework. Toggle the Widgetbar. The Book Over 45, 000 copies sold! How to produce measurableRBA improves the lives of children, families, and communities and the performance of programs because RBA: Gets from talk to action quickly; Is a simple, common sense process that everyone can understand; Helps groups to surface and challenge assumptions that can be barriers to innovation; outcomes results based accountability

Achieving Equitable Outcomes with ResultsBased Accountability. Each step of RBAs Turn the Curve process includes the opportunity for practitioners to consider diversity, equity, and inclusion. This webinar will provide participants with concrete methods for approaching their Turn the Curve process with equity at the forefront, and not as an afterthought.

How can the answer be improved? Download Free Electronic Document. Research has shown that the Getting To Outcomes (GTO) approach can lead to increased capacity in prevention programs and better performance. This summary of that manual provides stepbystep guidance to practitioners in need of a concise, overviewstyle approach to the GTO process.outcomes results based accountability Part 9: RESULTS BASED ACCOUNTABILITY Result is the outcome you want to achieve. Accountability is about who is responsible and what they did to make something happen. Indicators are a way to measure the result is being achieved. R. B. A. Baselines are where you are at the start of your work for

ResultsBased Accountability (RBA), also known as OutcomesBased Accountability (OBA), is a disciplined way of thinking and taking action that communities can use to improve the lives of children, youth, families, adults and the community as a whole. outcomes results based accountability

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