La county election results by city

2020-02-20 05:08

The Election Results history page contains the election results of previously conducted elections. The results displayed are only results of elections conducted by Los Angeles County and no other jurisdiction's election results are included.Office of the City Clerk Office of the City Clerk Election Division Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (Website and contact information) Contacts For more information, please call the Neighborhood Council Election Unit at (213) or email us at la county election results by city

On Tuesday, a small band of voters swept L. A. Mayor Eric Garcetti to reelection, picked City Council and school board members and weighed in on a slate of ballot measures. Here are the election

Final Official Election Returns Los Angeles County Results Only. 100of precincts reporting: must click the RELOAD or REFRESH button at the top of your screen every 1520 minutes for the latest update to the election results. Some browsers may require special settings to obtain the latest update. Instructions To view Los Angeles County's election results, place your mouse pointer on the desired selection below and CLICK. Select LAVOTE only if your browser supports frames otherwise select Text Version. To download the election results, place your mouse pointer on the download selection below and CLICK to forward to download county election results by city Elections& Voting With more than 500 political districts and 4. 3 million registered voters, the County is the largest and most complex election jurisdiction in the nation. The RRCC conducts about 200 city, school and special district elections annually.

County Clerk. Fictitious Business Names. File a Fictitious Business Name. General Info. Renewals. Live Results Past Election Info Past Election Results Election night results are semifinal official canvass results and should not be considered final official la county election results by city Los Angeles County Election Results Change election President. United States Senator. U. S. Representative. Results are representative of Los Angeles County only. Remember to refresh this page to ensure that you have the latest results. CITY OF LOS ANGELES DEPARTMENT OF WATER AND POWER (DWP). CHARTER AMENDMENT RRR. 2019 Los Angeles City Special Election General Information Pamphlet for June 4, 2019 CD 12 Special Election, is now available.

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