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2020-04-01 03:38

Jan 10, 2019  The 2019 NBA AllStar voting results havent changed much in the past seven days as the same three players still lead the pack. Per the latest update from the NBA, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James leads all players with about 2. 78 million votes.The NBA players, fans and media have spokenthe 10 starters for the 2019 AllStar Game are officially locked in place. LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo earned the highest vote totals in latest nba all star voting results

Jan 17, 2019 Latest 2019 NBA AllStar voting returns released: LeBron, Giannis, Luka Doncic Lead 3rd Voting Results January 17, 2019.

2019 NBA AllStar Game: Recapping The Latest Voting Results. On CBS Sports HQ, NBA analysts Rip Hamilton and Raja Bell discuss the latest NBA AllStar game voting results. Starters for the 2019 NBA AllStar Game were selected by fans, current NBA players and a media panel. Fans accounted for 50 percent of the vote to determine the starters, while players and media accounted for 25 percent each.latest nba all star voting results Today, the NBA issued the first round of the NBA AllStar voting results. We are happy to see that with Luka Doncic (679, 839 votes so far) a rookie and new European player to the NBA is on a very promising path to make it to the 2019 AllStar Game:

The NBA has today issued the second round of the AllStar voting results. As a somewhat surprising development, Paul George jumped to third amongst West frontcourt players, leaving behind both Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis. latest nba all star voting results WEST NBA ALLSTAR VOTING RESULTS: 4TH RETURNS (JAN. 7) If the voting ended today, the starters would be: Wade, Iverson, LeBron, Garnett and Dwight Howard in the East, and Kobe, McGrady, Melo, Dirk and Amar'e in the West. Let's start with the West. Kobe, Melo and Amar'e are good picks and sure things to make it. The fan vote, which opened Dec. 25, accounts for 50 percent of the vote to determine the 10 AllStar starters. Current NBA players account for 25 percent of the vote, as does a media panel. Jan 03, 2019 The first round of 2019 NBA AllStar voting results has been tallied, with LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers and Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks setting the pace.

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